Citation by Publication/Notice Details

Cause Number : 20P007
Court/County : Montague County Court (Montague)
Citation Type : Other – Citation by Publication or Notice
Publication Start Date :  9/21/2020
Publication End Date :  10/19/2020
Status : Return Issued
Citation/Notice Text :

The State of Texas- To unknows heirs of Adeline Vera Clarke Beatty, Deceased – Cause No. 20P007, in County Court of Montague County Texas. Nancy Blackmon filed an APPLICATION TO PROBATE A HOLOGRAPHIC WILL AND FOR ISSUANCE OF LETTERS TESTAMENTARY on January 29, 2020. Nancy Blackmon filed an APPLICATION TO DETERMINE HEIRSHIP on September 17, 2020 requesting that the Court determine who are the heirs and only heirs of ADELINE VERA CLARKE BEATTY, Deceased, and their respective shares and interests in such estate. – All unknown heirs and any other persons interested in this estate are cited to appear before this Court by filing written contest or answer to this Application if they want to do so. – The Court may act on this application at any time at the Montague County Courthouse Annex 11339 State Highway 59 North, Montague, Texas 76251, on or after first Monday after the expiration of ten days from the publication date of this citation. Therefore, to ensure consideration, any contest, answer, or other response must be filed with the Montague County Clerk in cause 20P007, styled ADELINE VERA CLARKE BEATTY on or before the above-noted date and time. – If this citation is not served within 90 days after it is issued, it must be returned unserved. -Given under my hand and seal on September 18, 2020.- Glenda Henson, County Clerk, P. O. Box 77, Montague, Texas - By Deputy L. Uselton