Citation by Publication/Notice Details

Cause Number : 2020PC2332
Name(s) of party to be served : To any unknown heirs of GLORIA GONZALEZ, Deceased
Court/County : Bexar County Probate Court No. 2 (Bexar)
Citation Type : Other – Citation by Publication or Notice
Publication Start Date :  7/20/2020
Publication End Date :  8/3/2020
Status : Return Issued
Citation/Notice Text :

To any Sheriff or any Constable within the State of Texas ---You are hereby commanded to cause to be published once in a newspaper of general circulation in Bexar County, Texas, said publication being not less than 10 days before the return day thereof, exclusive of the date of publication a copy of the following citation. THE STATE OF TEXAS. COUNTY OF BEXAR. To any unknown heirs of GLORIA GONZALEZ, Deceased their executors, administrators, heirs and assignees, and to all persons interested in the Estate of GLORIA GONZALEZ, Deceased. Know ye that an Application to Determine Heirship has been filed by DANIEL GONZALEZ that the same is now pending in Probate Court No. 2 of Bexar County, Texas under Docket Number 2020PC2332 and styled Estate of GLORIA GONZALEZ, Deceased and that the general nature of the proceeding is to determine who are the heirs and only heirs of GLORIA GONZALEZ, Deceased and their respective shares and interests in such Estate, and to determine that a necessity for an administration does exist for such Estate. This Citation by Publication is returnable to said Court on the first Monday, following 10 days after date of publication, exclusive of the date of publication, being Monday the 3RD day of AUGUST, A.D. 2020 and said application may be acted upon by said Court at the County Courthouse in Bexar County, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas at any time after 10:00 A. M. on the same Monday, being the 3RD day of AUGUST, A.D. 2020, and all unknown heirs and persons interested in this estate should appear at the time and place herein stated by filing a written contest or answer to said application should they desire to do so. Herein fail not, but have before said Court, at the time aforesaid, this writ, with your return thereon, showing how you have executed the same. Given under my hand and seal of said Court, at my office in Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas, this the 20TH day of JULY, A.D. 2020. /S/ SANDRA ESQUIVEL, DEPUTY.