Citation by Publication/Notice Details

Cause Number : 2019-78704
Name(s) of party to be served : CATHERINE GARZA
Court/County : 11th District Court - Harris County (Harris)
Citation Type : Other – Citation by Publication or Notice
Publication Start Date :  11/11/2020
Publication End Date :  12/23/2020
Status : Active
Citation/Notice Text :

CAUSE NUMBER: 2019-78704 Plaintiff: MALLORY ORTEGA IN THE 11TH JUDICIAL vs. DISTRICT COURT OF HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS Defendants: ROBERT ORTEGA; CATHERINE GARZA and PHILLIP CAVAZOS CITATION BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF TEXAS County of Harris To: CATHERINE GARZA YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to be and appear before the 11TH Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas in the Courthouse in the city of Houston, Texas at or before 10:00 o’clock A.M. Monday, the 28th DECEMBER, 2020, being the Monday next after the expiration date of forty-two days after this citation is issued, and you are hereby commanded and required then and there to appear and file written answer to the PLAINTIFF’S ORIGINAL PETITION REQUEST FOR DISCLOSURE REQUEST FOR PRODUCTION AND INTERROGATORIES filed in said Court on the 28TH day of OCTOBER, 2019 in a suit numbered 2019-78704 on the docket of said court, wherein MALLORY ORTEGA is Plaintiff(s) and ROBERT ORTEGA; CATHERINE GARZA AND PHILLIP CAVAZOS are Defendant(s), the nature of plaintiff’s demand being and the said petition alleging: CITATION BY PUBLICATION: You have been sued. If you or your attorney does not file a written answer with the clerk who issued this citation by 10:00 a.m. on the Monday after the expiration of forty-two days after the date of issuance of this citation and petition, a default judgment may be taken against you. Said Plaintiff’s Original Petition was filed in the 11th court on this the 28th day of October 2019, in this case, numbered 2019-78704 of said court. The names of parties to the cause are as follows: Plaintiff, Mallory Ortega and Defendant, Robert Ortega, Catherine Garza and Phillip Cavazos. This is a Petition for Plaintiff to recover of and from Defendants for Plaintiff’s damages as set forth in the Plaintiff’s Original Petition for a motor vehicle incident that occurred on December 18, 2017. Notice hereof shall be given by publishing this Citation once a week for four consecutive weeks previous to the 28TH day of DECEMBER, 2020, in some newspaper published in the County of HARRIS, if there be a newspaper published therein, but if not, then the nearest county where a newspaper is published, and this Citation shall be returned on the 23rd day of DECEMBER, 2020, which is forty two days after the date it is issued, and the first publication shall be at least twenty-eight days before said return day. HEREIN FAIL NOT, but have before said court on said return day this Writ with your return thereon, showing how you have executed same. WITNESS: MARILYN BURGESS, District Clerk, Harris County Texas GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND SEAL OF SAID COURT at Houston, Texas this 11TH NOVEMBER, 2020. Newspaper: HOUSTON CHRONICLE MARILYN BURGESS, District Clerk Harris County, Texas Issued at the request of: NATHAN E. INURRIA 201 Caroline, Houston, Texas 77002 P.O. Box 4651, Houston, Texas 77210 Address: 1211 HYDE PARK HOUSTON, TX 77006 Bar Number: 24101953 By: A. Solis Tel. Number: 713-529-6606 ADILIANI SOLIS Deputy District Clerk