Citation by Publication/Notice Details

Cause Number : PR-08628
Name(s) of party to be served : BROOKE BRYANN WARD
Court/County : Wilson County Court (Wilson)
Citation Type : Other – Citation by Publication or Notice
Publication Start Date :  11/19/2020
Publication End Date :  11/30/2020
Status : Active
Citation/Notice Text :

CITATION BY PUBLICATION ON FIRST AMENDED APPLICATION FOR DETERMINATION OF HEIRSHIP AND FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION THE STATE OF TEXAS NO: PR-08628 To the Publisher of the WILSON COUNTY NEWS newspaper----Greetings: You are hereby commanded to cause to be published once in a newspaper of general circulation in Wilson County, Texas, said publication being not less than 10 days before the return day thereof, exclusive of the date of publication a copy of the following citation. THE STATE OF TEXAS COUNTY OF WILSON TO: ANY UNKNOWN HEIRS OF ________BROOKE BRYANN WARD__________, DECEASED, THEIR EXECUTORS, HEIRS AND ASSIGNEES AND TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF _________BROOKE BRYANN WARD________________ No. __PR-08628_, COUNTY COURT, WILSON COUNTY, TEXAS. ___CHRISTOPHER ALLEN WARD__ __ and _-----------________________, Applicant in the above numbered and entitled estate filed an FIRST AMENDED APPLICATION FOR DETERMINATION OF HEIRSHIP AND FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION, to declare who the Heirs and the only Heirs of the said _____BROOKE BRYANN WARD______ , DECEASED, and their respective shares and interests in this estate, and to determine that a necessity for an administration exists for such estate. The Applicant is represented by _____Kelly Kelly__, _Attorney at Law, Anderson & Associates, 2600 SW Military Drive, Suite 118, San Antonio, Texas 78224. Said Application will be heard and acted on by said Court at anytime after 10:00 o’clock a.m. on the first Monday after the expiration of ten days from date of publication of this citation, at the County Courthouse in Floresville, Texas. All persons interested in said estate are hereby cited to appear before said Honorable Court at said above mentioned time and place by filing a written answer contesting such amended application should they desire to do so. This citation by Publication is returnable to said Court on the first Monday, following the 10 days after date of publication, exclusive of the date of publication. Given under my hand and seal of said court, at my office in Wilson County, Floresville, Texas this ____19th _ day of ____November___, 2020. EVA S. MARTINEZ, COUNTY CLERK WILSON COUNTY BY:_______________________________ Judy Fleming, Chief Deputy Clerk SHERIFF’S RETURN The within citation came to hand on the _______ day of _______________, 2020, at _______________ o’clock ___. m. and executed by publication of the same in the ____________________________________________, a newspaper published and of general circulation in said County of Wilson in which said proceeding is pending by causing such citation to be printed and published in said newspaper for one issue thereof on the _____________ day of _______________________, 2020, which said date is not less than ten days, exclusive of the date of such publication, before the return day thereof, and I herewith return the affidavit of ___________________________________________, an employee of the publisher of such newspaper showing the date the issue of the newspaper bore and having attached thereto a copy of such publication of such citation. The distance actually traveled by me in serving such process was _____________ miles, and my fees are as follows: FEES: __________ Returned this ________ day of ________________, 2020. ______________________________________ Sheriff Wilson County, Texas By:__________________________________ Deputy COUNTY OF WILSON THE STATE OF TEXAS BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared _______________________________________________________, known to me, who being duly sworn, on her/his oath, deposes and says that she/he is the __________________________________ of the WILSON COUNTY NEWS, a newspaper of general circulation published in said county, Wilson; that said newspaper has been continuously and regularly published in said county for a period of more than one year, that a copy of the within and foregoing notice was published in said newspaper at least once each week for a period of _______ week(s) before the return day named therein, such publication being on the following dates, ___________________, a newspaper copy/copies of which is attached hereto. ________________________________________________ CLASSIFIED AD MANAGER, WILSON COUNTY NEWS SWORN to and subscribed before this ____ day of ________________, 2020. ____________________________________________________ Notary Public in and for Wilson County, Texas PLEASE BILL THE CITATION BY PUBLICATION TO: KELLY KELLY ANDERSON & ASSOCIATES 2600 SW MILITARY DRIVE, SUITE 118 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 78224 TELEPHONE : (210) 928-9999 FAX# : (210) 928-9118 Email: