Citation by Publication/Notice Details

Cause Number : 104409-CC2
Name(s) of party to be served : Clifton N Nowlin
Court/County : Kaufman County Court at Law No. 2 (Kaufman)
Citation Type : Other – Citation by Publication or Notice
Publication Start Date :  11/20/2020
Publication End Date :  12/10/2020
Status : Active
Citation/Notice Text :

CITATION BY PUBLICATION-DIVORCE CAUSE# 104409-CC2 THE STATE OF TEXAS TO: Clifton N Nowlin and/or to all whom it may concern, Respondent, GREETINGS: NOTICE TO THE DEFENDANT: “You have been sued. You may employ an attorney. If you or your attorney does not file a written answer with the clerk who issued this citation by 10:00 o’clock a.m. of the Monday next following the expiration of twenty days after you were served this citation and petition, a default judgment may be taken against you.” YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to appear and answer before the Honorable County Court at Law 2, Kaufman County, Texas, at or before 10:00 o'clock a.m. of the Monday next after the expiration of 20 days from the date of service of this citation, then and there to answer the Amended Petition of JAMES RANDALL CHERRY; JENNIFER RENE CHERRY, Petitioners, filed in said Court on this 3rd day of November, 2020, against CHRISTINA RENEE CHERRY; CLIFTON N NOWLIN, Respondent(s), and the said suit being number 104409-CC2 on the docket of said Court, and entitled; “In the Interest of J.D.C., a Child” the nature of which suit is a request for Termination of Parent-Child Relationship and for Adoption as is more fully shown by Petition on file in this suit. The date and place of birth of the child/children who is/are the subject of the suit is/are: James Dylon Cherry born on March 11, 2009 in Fort Worth, Texas. The Court has authority in this suit to enter any judgment or decree in the child's interest, which will be binding upon you, including the termination of the parent-child relationship, the determination of paternity, and the appointment of a conservator with authority to consent to the child's (children's) adoption, The officer executing this writ shall promptly serve the same according to requirements of law, and the mandates hereof, and make due return as the law directs. Issued and given under my hand and seal of said Court at Kaufman, Texas, on this the 19th day of November, 2020 RHONDA HUGHEY DISTRICT CLERK 100 W Mulberry St Kaufman, TX 75142 Deputy, Susan Cook-Mendoza Attorney for Petitioner Karen Schroeder 550 N Walnut Creek #110, Mansfield, TX 76063 (817) 842-0220