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Cause Number : con-0260
Name(s) of party to be served : The Stockholder(s), successor and assigns, of Hunter Industrial Facilities, Inc. , A Forfeited Delaware Corporation, whose names and whereabouts are unknown
Court/County : Liberty County Court at Law (Liberty)
Citation Type : Other – Citation by Publication or Notice
Publication Start Date :  12/28/2020
Publication End Date :  1/29/2021
Status : Active
Citation/Notice Text :

NOTICE BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF TEXAS COUNTY OF LIBERTY TO: The Stockholder(s), SUCCESSOR AND ASSIGNS, OF HUNTER INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES, INC., A FORFEITED DELAWARE CORPORATION, WHOSE NAMES AND WHEREABOUTS ARE UNKNOWN You are each hereby notified that a hearing will be held at 10:00 o'clock a.m., on the first Monday after the expiration of forty-two (42) days from the date of issuance hereof, that is to say Monday, the 25th day of January, 2021, to assess the damages of the owner of the property being condemned. Pursuant to Governor Abbott's March 13, 2020 Disaster Declaration due to COVID 19 and the Supreme Court's First Emergency Order Regarding the COVID 19 State of Disaster (Misc. Docket No. 20-9042), the undersigned Commissioners have set the time and place of hearing the parties and said matters as 10 o'clock A.M. on the 25th of January, 2021, by telephone or video conference located in said County. Said telephone or video conference may be accessed by calling 877-853-5257 and entering code 851 6968 5647, followed by the pound (#) symbol. Said telephone or video conference may also be accessed on the internet using the information below Meeting specific URL: pwd=OHd0MTkrT3VsSUJENHYxdnU5VVRtQT09 Meeting Number: 851 6968 5647 Meeting Password: 481418 This hearing may be recorded or transcribed. The State of Texas filed a Petition for Condemnation with the Judge of the County Court at Law of Liberty County, Texas, on the 14th day of August, 2019, in the Cause No. CON-0260 which is styled The State of Texas v. Charchere Feed Store, Inc., a Texas corp., et al,. The Plaintiff is the State of Texas. The Defendants are: The Stockholder(s) , successor and assigns, of Hunter Industrial Facilities , Inc., a forfeited Delaware corporation, whose names and whereabouts are unknown, and if any of them be deceased, their respective heirs and legal representatives, if any; and Chachere Feed Store , A Texas Corporation. The name and address of the attorney for Plaintiff is Patrick Brezik, Assistant Attorney General, P.O. box 12548, Austin, Texas 78711-2548. This suit is an eminent domain proceeding in which the State of Texas is condemning a tract of land located in Liberty County, Texas, containing the property fully described in Exhibit "A" of Plaintiff's Petition for Condemnation filed under the above-referenced cause number. The interests of these Defendants are that they either own or claim an interest in said property, subject to unpaid accrued taxes. You are further notified that you may appear at the hearing before the special commissioners and present evidence you desire on the issue of damages to be assessed against the State. If you do not appear at he hearing, the Special Commissioners may proceed to assess the of the owner of the property being condemned. If this Notice is not served within ninety (90) days after its issuance, it shall be returned forthwith. ISSUED this 9th day of December, 2020. signed by Jim Sterling, Special Commissioner Klint Bush, Special Commissioner Walter Stovall, Special Commissioner ISSUED AND GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND THE SEAL OF THIS COURT on December 28, 2020, at Liberty, Liberty County, Texas Lee Haidusek Chambers Liberty County Clerk 1923 Sam Houston P.O.Box 369 Liberty County Texas 77575 Liberty County , Texas Prepared by: Shonda Riley, Deputy Clerk