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Cause Number : P-12691-112-CV
Court/County : 112th District Court - Pecos County (Pecos)
Citation Type : Rule 113 - Actions Against Unknown Owners or Claimants of Interest in Land
Publication Start Date :  1/4/2021
Publication End Date :  2/1/2021
Status : Active
Citation/Notice Text :

CAUSE NO.: P-12691-112-CV AEP TEXAS INC. § IN THE DISTRICT COURT Plaintiff, VS. STANOLIND OIL & GAS CORPORATION; H.G. JOHNSTON OR HIS UNKNOWN HEIRS, ASSIGNS AND LEGAL REPRESENTATIVES; BERTIE MCGEE OR HER UNKNOWN HEIRS, ASSIGNS AND LEGAL REPRESENTATIVES; RUTH P. 1 JOHNSTON OR HER UNKNOWN HEIRS, ASSIGNS AND LEGAL REPRESENTATIVES; AND OTHER UNKNOWN PERSONS OR ENTITIES WHO OWN, POSSESS, OR CLAIM AN INTEREST IN THE SUBJECT PROPERTY. Defendants. 112TH DISTRICT WWWW’W‘MWWMWWW PECOS COUNTY, TEXAS NOTICE BY PUBLICATION OF HEARING BY SPECIAL COMMISSIONERS THE STATE OF TEXAS To the following named Defendants In the above numbered and entitled case, whose residences and whereabouts, are unknown, if living; and If they be deceased, to their Unknown Helrs, Assigns and Personal Representatives: H.G. JOHNSTON; BERTIE MCGEE; RUTH P. JOHNSTON; AND OTHER UNKNOWN PERSONS OR ENTITIES WHO OWN, POSSESS, OR CLAIM AN INTEREST IN THE SUBJECT PROPERY. UocuSlgn Envelope ID, CGBBSEGT -ED lB-431BvBDQA-OOOOSBZFBCZE YOU ARE EACH HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT: A Special Commissioners Hearing will be held in the above case on at 10:30 am on the m day of January, 2021; which is not less than 20 days from the date this notice is issued. The hearing will be held via Zoom using the following: To Aegear virtually: Website: Meeting ID: 870 1598 4577 Passcode: 143732 To Appear TeleghonicaI/g: Dial In: 1-346-248-7799 Meeting ID: 870 1598 457711 Passcode: 143732 Trouble Joining Hearing: Contact Attorney Paul Saenz (956) 707-1010 The Defendants, In addition to those named above. to whom this Notice is directed. are: Stanolind Oil and Gas Corporation. It is a condemnation case in which AEP TEXAS INC. is condemning the surface of a tract of real property being a 9.966 acre tract of land lying In the 6.6. 8. SF. RR. Co. Survey, Block 105, Section 16. Abstract 8117, Pecos County, Texas, same being a portion of a 40 acre tract of land as described and recorded in volume 132, page 61. Official Public Records of Pecos County, Texas. The 9.966 acre tract of land is particularly described by metes and bounds in Plaintiff‘s Original Petition in Condemnation filed in papers of the above referenced case. The interests of the Defendants are that they either own undivided interests in the 9.966 acres to be condemned, or a claim thereto. YOU ARE ALSO NOTIFIED THAT at the time and place stated above, the Special Commissioners will hear evidence and assess the damages to which the owners of the property being condemned are entitled under the Property Code of the State of Texas. You may appear at the Special Commissioners' Hearing and present such evidence as you deem appropriate on the issue of the value of the real property sought to be acquired. if you do not appear at the hearing, the Special Commissioners can proceed to assess the damages to which you would be entitled under the provisions of the Property Code in your absence. If this Notice is not served within ninety (90) days after its issuance it shall be returned forthwith. DacuSign Envelope ID C6655E61{018-431BBD9A-OOOOBBZFBC2: NOTICE OF HEARING is issued. on this the 16m day of December 2020. DocuSlgncd by‘ 900 Wmmlo, CMEUCBSJWE ‘ Joe Hernandez. Special Commissioner Kenneth Heritage. Special 3 Commissioner Lew (aw Billy Espino. Special Commiss