Citation by Publication/Notice Details

Cause Number : 5829
Court/County : Lamb County Court (Lamb)
Citation Type : Other – Citation by Publication or Notice
Publication Start Date :  1/7/2021
Publication End Date :  1/27/2021
Status : Active
Citation/Notice Text :

CITATION OF PUBLICATION THE STATE OF TEXAS ₴ COUNTY OF LAMB ₴ IN THE MATTER OF: EZEKEL FRAUSTO, DECEASED NO. 5829 NOTICE TO: UNKNOWN HEIRS, and all the UNKNOWN HEIRS OF THE ESTATE OF: EZEKEL FRAUSTO, DECEASED. GREETINGS: Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section ₴202.052 of the Texas Estates Code, that EZEKEL LYNN FRAUSTO filed a APPLICATION FOR INDEPENDENT ADMINISTRATION AND LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION PURSUANT TO SECTION 401.003 OF THE TEXAS ESTATES CODE in the Estate of EZEKEL FRAUSTO, Deceased, pursuant to Section ₴202.052 of the Texas Estates Code in Cause No. 5829, in the COUNTY COURT of Lamb County, Texas. The said Application being filed on 4th day of January 2021. All persons claiming to be an heir of EZEKEL FRAUSTO, Deceased, who believe that they have an interest to the said estate, should contact the following person, prior to the hearing on the said application of the estate : AD LITEM FOR UNKNOWN HEIRS IS RICKER LAW FIRM, PC RICKIE REDMAN 713 PHELPS 100 6TH DRIVE, RM. 111 LITTLEFIELD, TEXAS 79339 LITTLEFIELD, TEXAS 79339 TEL: (806) 385-0891 TEL: (806) 385-4222 EXT. 208 . EMAIL: Failure to notify the above person or fail to appear at the hearing on the said application to the estate, WILL WAIVE ALL INTREST YOU MAY HAVE WITH REGARD TO THE ESTATE OF EZEKEL FRAUSTO, DECEASED. All names heirs are hereby cited and commanded to appear by filing a written answer before the County Court of Lamb County , Texas, the courthouse of said county in the city of Littlefield, Lamb County, Texas, to be filed the first Monday next after the expiration of twenty days from the date of service, exclusive of the day of such service, which day and date of service shall be the date of publication that this newspaper bears, by filing by mailing the same to the County Clerk’s office, Lamb County Clerk, 100 6th Drive, Room 103, Littlefield, Texas. 79339, or by bringing it in personally. This is a suit to determine the heirs of the deceased, and to distribute his assets to his lawful heirs. Issued under my hand and seal of said court, at office in Littlefield, Texas, this 7TH day of January, 2021. Tonya Ritchie, County Clerk Lamb County, Texas _____________________________ Marisol Mosley, Deputy