Citation by Publication/Notice Details

Cause Number : 10566
Name(s) of party to be served : STANLEY RELIFORD, ET AL.
Court/County : 21st District Court - Burleson County (Burleson)
Citation Type : Other – Citation by Publication or Notice
Publication Start Date :  1/8/2021
Publication End Date :  2/22/2021
Status : Active
Citation/Notice Text :

CITATION BY PUBLICATION CAUSE NO. 10,566 THE STATE OF TEXAS BURLESON COUNTY, TEXAS IN THE NAME AND BY THE AUTHORITY OF THE STATE OF TEXAS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN AS FOLLOWS: TO: JOHN ROBERT RELIFORD, III, Individually and as sole heir to the estate of Zephyr Reliford, In Rem Only and the unknown owner or unknown owners, and any and all other persons, including adverse claimants, owning or having or claiming any legal or equitable interest in or lien upon the real property hereinafter described; the heirs and legal representatives and unknown heirs and legal representatives of each of the above named and mentioned persons who may be deceased; and the corporate officers, trustees, receivers and stockholders of any of the above named and mentioned parties which may be corporations, foreign or domestic, defunct or otherwise, together with the successors, heirs and assigns of such corporate officers, trustees, receivers or stockholders, own or have or claim an interest in the hereinafter described real property on which taxes are due, owing, unpaid and delinquent to said Plaintiffs, said year and amount set out in Plaintiffs First Amended Petition on file herein: The property is specifically described as follows: The property is specifically described as follows: Property Code: 20136-1 TRACT #1: That certain 1 acre, more or less, James Lastley League, A-35, Burleson County, Texas and being the same land described in Deed dated February 1, 2019 from the Estate of John Reliford, Sr., deceased to Zephry Reliford Burns and Stanley Reliford, recorded in Volume 1182 at Page 786 of the Official Records of Burleson County, Texas. (Tax Account No. 20136-1) Property Code: 44435-1 TRACT #2: Manufactured home previously located on tax account 20136; home has been repossessed (Tax Account No. 44435) Which said property is delinquent to Plaintiff for taxes in the following amounts: $1, 736.55, exclusive of interest, penalties, and costs, and there is included in this suit in addition to the taxes all said interest, penalties, and costs thereon, allowed by law up to and including the day of judgment herein. You are notified that this suit has been brought by the BURLESON COUNTY, BURLESON COUNTY HOSPITAL DISTRICT I&S, BURLESON COUNTY HOSPITAL DISTRICT, BURLESON COUNTY I&S, BURLESON COUNTY ROAD DISTRICT, CITY OF SOMERVILLE, SOMERVILLE CITY l&S and SOMERVILLE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT I&S as Plaintiffs against STANLEY BERNARD RELIFORD, JOHN ROBERT RELIFORD, III, Individually and as sole heir to the estate of Zephyr Reliford, as Defendants by First Amended Petition filed on the 15th day of December, 2020 styled BURLESON COUNTY VS. STANLEY RELIFORD, ET AL. This suit is for the collection of taxes on said real property, and is now pending in the District Court of BURLESON COUNTY, TEXAS 21 ST JUDICIAL DISTRICT as cause number 10,566. The names of all taxing units which assess and collect taxes on the property hereinabove described which are not listed above and may be made parties to this suit are: None. Plaintiffs and all other taxing units who may set up their tax claims herein seek recovery of delinquent ad valorem taxes on the property hereinabove described, and in addition to the taxes, all interest, penalties, and costs allowed by law thereon, up to and including the day of judgment herein, and the establishment and foreclosure of liens, if any, securing the payment of same, as provided by law. All parties to this suit, including Plaintiffs, Defendants and Intervenors, shall take notice that claims not only for any taxes which were delinquent on said property at the time this suit was filed but all taxes becoming delinquent thereon up to the day of judgment, including all interest, penalties, and costs allowed by law thereon, may, upon request therefore, be recovered herein without further citation or notice to any parties herein, and all said parties shall take notice of and plead and answer to all claims and pleadings now on file and which may hereafter be filed in said cause by all other parties herein, and all of those taxing units above named who may intervene herein and set up their respective tax claims against said property. YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED TO APPEAR AND DEFEND SUCH SUIT AT OR BEFORE 10 O'CLOCK A.M. ON THE FIRST MONDAY AFTER THE EXPIRATION OF FORTY-TWO (42) DAYS FROM AND AFTER THE DATE OF ISSUANCE HEREOF, THE SAME BEING THE 22°d day of FEBRUARY, 2021 (WHICH IS THE RETURN DAY OF SUCH CITATION), BEFORE THE HONORABLE 21ST DISTRICT COURT OF BURLESON COUNTY, TEXAS to be held at the Courthouse thereof, then and there to show cause why judgment shall not be rendered for such taxes, penalties, interest and costs and condemning said property and ordering foreclosure of the constitutional and statutory tax liens thereon for taxes due the Plaintiffs and the taxing units parties hereto, and those who may intervene herein, together with all interest, penalties, and costs allowed by law up to and including the day of judgment herein, and all costs of this suit. HEREIN FAIL NOT, but of this writ make answer as the law requires. Issued but not prepared by District Clerk's Office and given under my hand & seal of office of said court of Caldwell, BURLESON COUNTY, TEXAS on this the 8TH day of January, 2021 ACCT#: 26571 File#:200066 DANA FRITSCHE BURLESON COUNTY DISTRICT CLERK 205 E. FOX STREET, SUITE 2001 CALDWELL, TX 77836 BY Janice Gonzales CLERK: FILE WITH FIRST AMENDED PETITION: