Citation by Publication/Notice Details

Cause Number : F-6319-19-H
Name(s) of party to be served : MARIA DE LA LLZ PEREZ-CIISNEROS
Court/County : 389th District Court - Hidalgo County (Hidalgo)
Citation Type : Other – Citation by Publication or Notice
Publication Start Date :  1/13/2021
Publication End Date :  2/15/2021
Status : Active
Citation/Notice Text :

CITATION/PUBLICATION DIVORCE (CHILDREN) CAUSE NO. F-6319-19-H THE STATE OF TEXAS MARIA DE LA LUZ PEREZ-CISNEROS, RESPONDENT(S), GREETINGS: You have been sued. You may employ an attorney appear and answer before the Honorable Letty Lopez, 389th District Court of Hidalgo County, Texas, at the Courthouse of said County in Edinburg, Texas at or before 10:00 o’clock a.m. of the Monday next after the expiration of 20 days from the date of service of this citation, then and there to answer the petition of Edgar Ivan Soto-Perez, Petitioner, filed in said Court on this the 23rd day of December, 2019 against, Maria De La Luz Perez-Cisneros, Respondent, and said suit being on the docket of said Court, numbered F-6319-19-H and styled IN THE INTEREST OF EDGAR SOTO-PEREZ, AND IN THE INTEREST OF. The nature of which suit is a request to the Court that he grant any judgment or decree and such other relief requested in the Petition. Said child (ren) was/were born on/in: NAME: DATE OF BIRTH: EDGAR SOTO-PEREZ The Court has authority in this suit to enter any judgment or decree which will be binding on you. Said petition was filed in said court by NATALIE CADWALADER-SCHULTHEIS; C/O PROBAR, 202 S. IST. ST, STE. 300, HARLINGEN, TEXAS 78550. ISSUED AND GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND SEAL of said Court at Edinburg, Texas, this on this the 13th day of January, 2021. LAURA HINOJOSA, DISTRICT CLERK 100 N. CLOSNER, EDINBURG, TEXAS 78539 HIDALGO COUNTY, TEXAS ____________________________________ IRIS RAMIREZ, DEPUTY CLERK